Thursday 22 July 2021

Expert updates

Annual impact report available for the CPR Invest – Social Impact fund

2020 will forever go down in history as the year in which the Covid-19 pandemic engendered and brought to light existing inequalities, between and within countries. However, the increase in inequalities is not a passing phenomenon. It has been clearly visible in various economies worldwide since the 1980s and is palpable in the social and political tensions that have emerged in recent years..

Like climate change, inequalities pose a new challenge to investors. Launched in December 2019, Social Impact aims to offer investors an unprecedented and unique solution for taking into account the risks incurred by inequalities and to contribute in their reduction through their investments.

Who could have imagined that the fund would be launched against a backdrop that would confirm the relevance of such a strategy by shifting investments towards companies with more virtuous practices for society? The post-Covid recovery must be fair, and our solution will contribute to the achievement of this goal through its investments.

CPR AM’s staff are proud to present you the first impact report which reflects our commitment of transparency with regards to investors. It describes our impact methodology, as well as our policy of engaging with companies on the challenges of reducing inequalities and, more broadly on the promotion of social cohesion.



  • The impact of the Covid crisis on inequalities and the answers of governments
  • Our exhaustive approach to inequality and robust methodology
  • The Social profile of the portfolio
  • Two impact stock stories 
  • Social cohesion, a key priority addressed by Amundi through its engagement policy
  • Two engagement examples
  • Amundi, an example of good practices


Find out more about the methodology by downloading the full report below